27 July 2010 @ 07:31 pm
These are courtesy of Bexcalpin when she went to see Ben at the London Film and Comic Con on July 17th. They're a tad hard to understand because of the sound system. I should totally give you a spew warning for these because Ben was definitely having fun during his talk. :D

Being asked if he ever dreamed that he was his character

Talking about wishing about being Michael Shanks and talking about the Daniel/Vala thing

09 April 2009 @ 09:09 pm
This is a clip from his upcoming film Freeze Frame. The story is about two vets. One from the Vietnam war and the other is a guilt stricken veteran of the Iraq war. One was considered a success and the other, a failure. Ben portrays a convict who, in a failed attempt at “suicide by cop”, went to prison for committing a robbery with an unloaded gun. The Vietnam vet makes an Academy Award winning documentary about the Iraqi vet. When he gets out of prison Ben’s character wants to kill the film maker who, as it turns out, also has a death wish.

The purpose behind the movie is bring to the public's attention the escalating number of vets committing suicide and hopefully get them the help that they need to deal with the horrors of war.

"The Confession of an Iraqi vet"

ETA: Freeze Frame official site